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Welcome to our Web Site.Feel free to look around.There is alot of helpful info and links here.If you have any questions feel free to ask Laila, Vilan, Swordu, or any of the officers in the guild.
Ranks and promotions
We have an earned system going on, those who help others within the guild and donate their time and energy get promotions first. We will also promote if someone takes a job within the guild such as raid leader, potion maker, gatherer.
 As a rule we have all our raid leaders set at officer so they have access to flasks and whatnot for the raids, those are currently Laila, Swordu, Orestes, and Detheater. That doesn't mean anyone has to be a raid leader to be an officer.
 We love when poeple help out the guild and try our best to promote as such, if you know someone who's always helping and would like to let the GM's know, please feel free to whisper or in game mail any or all of us.we do our best to watch but we're not on all the time. :)
 If you are interested in learning what the guild most needs and how you can help please whisper any of the GM's. Thank you.
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